Migrate from StackMob to apiOmat

After StackMob announced that they are going to discontinue their service, we from apiOmat wrote a python script to migrate your data and schemes from StackMob to our apiOmat BaaS.

On top of that, we also offer you a promo code for getting one month of our medium plan for free :


Read this to learn how to redeem the code.

See below to find a step-by-step guide on how to migrate your data with the script. After the script is finished you can start programming against the apiOmat backend. For tutorials see our documentation.


  1. Go to SignUp to create a new account on apiOmat. If you already have an account login and create a new app.
  2. Deploy your app to our cloud by pressing the deploy icon.
  3. Copy your ‘ApiKey’ from the App-Setup in our dashboard. Take also note of the selected system in the left panel (TEST, STAGING or LIVE).
  4. Install pip on your system.
  5. Type ‘pip install import-stackmob-to-apiOmat’ on the command line to install the python script into your system.
  6. Go to Stackmob dashboard and export your data as JSON zip (Under Data Management->Export data)
  7. After you received the mail with your data, save them on your hard disk.


import-stackmob-to-apiOmat --ifile= --smKey=<stackmob_publickey> --smEnv=<stackmob_environment> --appName= --apiKey= --system= --userMail= --password= --defaultPwd=<def_pw_for_user>

Explanation of parameters:

  • –ifile Insert here filesystem path to the downloaded zip-file
  • –appName The name of your app in apiOmat system
  • –apiKey The apiKey from the apiOmat system copied in step 3 above
  • –userMail Your e-mail address which you used to register in our dashboard
  • –password Your password which you use to login in our dashboard
  • –system The system (LIVE , STAGING or TEST) where you are going to import your data. (If you have selected the basic plan you can only import into LIVE system)
  • –defaultPwd Default password for imported users
  • -smKey Your public key for the stackmob app (can be found in your Stackmob dashboard)
  • -smEnv [0,1] 0 = Import your development data from stackmob, 1 means import your production data from stackmob


import-stackmob-to-apiOmat --ifile=9339.zip --smKey 12345 --smEnv 0 --appName=ParseImport --apiKey=2234224 --userMail=login@apiomat.org --password=12345 --system=LIVE --defaultPwd=12345

Known Issues

  • Can’t import binary files
  • No support for relationships, but we working on it
  • Can’t import passwords from existing users. The password for existing users would be resetted to given password, because we won’t decrypt passwords from Stackmob users
  • Actual no ACL settings will be imported

You can find the source code in our github repository.

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