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Migrate from Parse to apiOmat

We from apiOmat wrote a python script to migrate your data and schemes from Parse to our apiOmat BaaS.
See below to find a step-by-step guide how to do this.

After the script is finished you can start programming against the apiOmat backend. For tutorials see our documentation. A comparison of the android client code between parse and apiOmat can be found here.


  1. Go to SignUp to create a new account on apiOmat. If you already have an account login and create a new app.
  2. Deploy your app to our cloud by pressing the deploy icon.
  3. Copy your ‘ApiKey’ from the App-Setup in our dashboard. Take also note of the selected system in the left panel (TEST, STAGING or LIVE).
  4. Install pip on your system.
  5. Type ‘pip install import-parse-to-apiOmat’ on the command line to install the python script into your system.
  6. Go to Parse dashboard and export your data as zip (Under settings->Export data). For details see this link.
  7. After you received the mail with your data, save them on your hard disk.


import-parse-to-apiOmat --ifile=<path_to_zipfile> --appName=<appName> --apiKey=<apiKey> --userMail=<userMail> --password=<password> --system=<usedSystem> --defaultPwd=<default_pw_for_users>

Explanation of parameters:

  • –ifile Insert here filesystem path to the downloaded zip-file
  • –appName The name of your app in apiOmat system
  • –apiKey The apiKey from the apiOmat system copied in step 3 above
  • –userMail Your e-mail address which you used to register in our dashboard
  • –password Your password which you use to login in our dashboard
  • –system The system (LIVE , STAGING or TEST) where you are going to import your data. (If you have selected the basic plan you can only import into LIVE system)
  • –defaultPwd Default password for imported users


import-parse-to-apiOmat --appName=ParseImport --apiKey=2234224 --password=12345 --system=LIVE --defaultPwd=12345

Known Issues

  • Can’t import binary files, this Parse data format will be converted to a String and saves only the URL to the data
  • No support for arrays with mixed types
  • Can’t import passwords from existing users. The password for existing users would be resetted to given password, because we won’t decrypt passwords from Parse users
  • Actual no support for ACL (coming to apiOmat soon)

You can find the source code in our github repository


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