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NEW report about developer tools

Vision Mobile published a new report about developer tools. The report is based on an online survey of over 3,400 developers. The survey respondents were balanced across Europe (39%), Asia (27%) and North America (24%).
As mobile apps become more sophisticated the need for backend features like managing users, introducing social features, or synchronizing cloud data increases. In the following post you read the key insights about the backend as a service market according to this report.

New report about developer tools by Vision Mobile

The main BaaS selection criteria for developers are availability across platforms and the flexibility of the service. E.g. the ability to implement custom business logic seems to be a very important aspect. Further more the richness of the feature set is considered important too. Up to 28% of backend as a service users are using indicated data management and 18% use indicated user management and authentication. Developers also named push notifications and content management, file storage (7%), cloud code (custom logic) (6%) and social graphs (3%) as indispensable features.The survey reveals that the ease of integration and use as well as stability and performance are important to almost 25% of all developers using backend services. Developer tools like BaaS have become a developer attractor because of their flexibility in pricing and the usage based cost structure. Developers can scale their apps based on the actual usage while costs are growing or decreasing adequately.

Final result: Backend-as-a-service is in early stages, but has a huge potential. It contains great benefits for developers and reduces financial risks.


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